Preparing for next year’s SAW Single-Year Program, I sat down with our drawing teacher, Justine Mara Andersen and once again was overwhelmed by her wisdom, skills and brilliance.

The images at the top is new work from a project we’ve been collaborating on about Odysseus (I’m editing, she drew an amazing 17 pages, a small sample of which is above.) Then, below that, a leave-behind series of teaching doodles, and a piece she did for Lucasfilm, a glorious trippy piece from her memoir, some shots of her show here at SAW, including playing guitar, and at bottom, boxes of her artwork. She has so much of this stuff she measures it by the pound: pounds and pounds of stunning, classically drawn fantasy illustration for Wizards of the Coast, DC Comics, Lucasfilm and other places.

Justine is also fabulously opinionated. Her blog post about Boris Vallejo vs Frank Frazetta is so spot on. “Frank Fazetta’s characters are fighting for their lives, Vallejo’s “warrior” not only looks like, but IS, some bimbo he picked up at the gym. " Read that post, and visit more of her blog, here:

Students, you’re in for a great year with Justine!